1 » What is 9-steam is a site uploads games to the mediafire platform, which has unlimited download speed without ads.
2 » Is safe to download from? Yes, I tested the game files before uploading them, and the mediafire platform also performs a verification process before uploading files to its site.
3 » Why aren't there games like Rd2 or Cyberpunk 2077 with big sizes? The mediafire site provides the service with 10 GB of storage for free. I can get 50 GB through My referral. For each person who registers on my referral, I get 1 GB.
4 » I searched for the game and couldn't find it on You can [email protected] me about the game you want and I'll upload it for you on Mediafire.
5 » Why does the site not contain ads at all? In fact, I hate the accumulated ads that I find on other sites. This is what made me save the site from annoying ads from visitors